Watch the latest visual release, Wrath from DTCHPLNES featuring Danny Brown, directed and created by Bryan LeBeuf, with production by West Nile Baptist. The viewer is thrust into a hyper-realistic world ripe with transgressive situations. These images are “shattered ideals inviting the viewer to share in their discomfort, while playing with notions of nostalgia. The landscapes draw inspiration from the post-industrial environments surrounding the musicians childhood home in Detroit, as well as the prescribed environments of early Japanese dating simulators and attempt to represent contemporary existential challenges entangled in human engagements with technologies.”


Technoir is the self-released debut studio album from DTCH PLNES. Sessions took place from 2014-15 at Conclave Studios in Hamtramck and Studio A in Dearborn Michigan. Technoir is an homage to Detroit’s past, present and future but is also used to invoke associations with the classic film noir genre. The music showcases a diverse assortment of styles combining live instruments, drum machines, samples and some of the most talented artists in Detroit. The album features guest appearances by: Danny Brown, Tunde Olaniran, Melanie Rutherford, Fat Ray, Liz Shar and Sam Beaubien.


“I was initially introduced to Danny Brown through his former DJ Bet Lemos. The Hip Hop community in Detroit was a relatively small group of artists, over time we built a relationship and worked together on a few events providing him a platform to showcase his talent. His tour had just ended and he came directly from the airport, jumped on the mic and and gave it that grease, done deal. Made with the Akai MPC 2K, two Moog records, a fifth of Henny and a gang of blunts.”

Bryan LeBeuf, Director/3D Artist

“Paul Anagnostopoulos and I have collaborated on a series of projects over the years, but none of them as ambitious as the Wrath video, featuring Danny Brown. At first, we were planning on making a live action film, but after much debating and deliberating we shifted into another medium, which for the most part was foreign to me. We wanted to align the video with the vibe of the song and album, but not have the concept be completely dictated by the content.

The video was a product of my fascination with connected consciousness experienced within a digital realm. Though most of these encounters are lost in a vast sea of nebulous memories, the experience leaves individuals spellbound by their own psyche.”

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DTCHPLNES (C) for audio and visual is owned by DTCHPLNES INC.

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  1. Rocky Daniels

    Wrath ( official video ) nice collaborate of local talent.