Detroiters and New Yorkers, when’s the last time you checked your Instagram feed for the hashtag #movetodetroit? Well, there are some very interesting photographs that are continuing to pop up we have noticed. Within the last six months, a mysterious graffiti tag has been seen all around New York City, or Brooklyn to be more exact.

Full disclaimer: PLAYGROUND DETROIT has no affiliation or relation to this renegade campaign or websites. While we are open to anyone who moves to Detroit, that is not our motivation or goal as an organization.

But we are stuck wondering- who is behind this? If anyone has anyone information on the person, or group of people behind this phenomena, please contact us at [email protected]

Upon further investigation, there are several different websites, blogs, and Facebook pages dedicated to this idea. Which seem to be related or not. On the Facebook page their is a description of the page reads, “Real Estate,” but has been quiet since March 2013. Most of these websites have not been active for years, so why the tags now?

Move To Detroit Facebook Page

Move To Detroit.Org

Move To Detroit Tumblr 

There is a blog that is current,, which was just updated at the end of 2014. One of the last posts reads,

“Detroit: Good is Overrated. I have lived in Detroit 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day, which is a way of describing time that probably tells you more about how my first year in Detroit went more than anything else I can possibly say. But I’ll say it anyways: My first year in Detroit was the best year of my life.”

A billboard painting that reads “Detroit, Just West of Bushwick,” was also recently spotted in Bushwick recently as well. No one seems to know where that came from either.

The most recent display of ‘Detroit Love’ has just made headlines in the The Detroit News this week. A new restaurant opening in Detroit, Katoi  has taken it’s pride for opening in the city to new heights.

Photo: Courtney Henriette

“The idea really is to spread the word about Detroit as far as we can. We love the idea of Detroit being appealing to talented people from New York or anywhere,” she said. In reality, the Thai restaurant is going to hire mainly Detroiters, Henriette said. [WHEF!] The New York billboards are more about advertising Detroit’s entrepreneurial and creative opportunities, she said.

What do you think about the attention that Detroit is getting in the Big Apple?

Leave your comments below. We will continue to provide any updates we receive as we watch what happens.


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