TMRWLND is the creative partnership forged in 2013 by artist Dereck Seltzer and his fiancee, Tina St. Claire in Los Angeles. The pair created a series of TMRWLND zines, with various design aesthetics, crafting each layout, binding, and design by hand—limiting each run to only 25 copies—even silkscreening each individual cover by hand. From the success of the sold out magazines they expanded TMRWLND into a clothing line and design studio.

In 2016, at the age of 31 Tina St. Claire passed away from complications resulting from cancer. In honor of her memory and legacy, he set out to expand the brand from a online store to a physical space in Detroit, MI where artists can exhibit work, community events could be held, TMRWLND clothing could be sold- and most importantly, charitable donations could be to help cancer patients and charities in Detroit.

Founder Dereck Seltzer, a 32 year old artist and business owner, was raised in the heart of L.A., in a single parent home, with art being a lasting salvation to occupy time spent alone both at school and at home. In 2011 while curating a gallery opening at Beyond Eden at Barnsdale Park in L.A. when he met artist Tina St. Claire. They worked on charitable projects such as murals for L.A.U.S.D., hand painted skateboard decks which were donated for charity auctions that benefited free health clinics in L.A., curated and hosted numerous pop up art shows.

Courtesy of TMRWLND

On December 25, 2015, when Tina was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme grade four, a particularly virulent form of cancer which attacked her brain. On March 9th, 2016 she succumbed to her battle with cancer after the pair never left each others side during her two month hospital stay. Seltzer crowd funded donations from her hospital room to pay for her medical bills, and acted as her full time care giver and patient advocate until her death.

Before Tina passed away I made her a promise, to preserve her memory and to provide help to those in need. TMRWLND is how I intend to uphold that promise. My goal is to further her legacy while donating to those in need of help in Detroit, MI. I will not rest until this goal has been achieved.

I want to grow TMRWLND into a staple in the community that can provide both revenue to the local economy, art & entertainment and provide help for those diagnosed with cancer and related illnesses through charitable contributions.

TMRWLND is raising funds through a Kiva loan that will enable him to further brand exposure through grass roots advertisements and community engagement with public projects such as murals, multiple pop up events and live screen printing and funding for the retail space while the brand is further expanded and the charity is developed.

Contribute $25 as a loan HERE.