“An idea is a seed. Sharing it is putting it in the ground.” This is the concept behind Emerge 5×5 Night, where any type of idea a can be submitted to move an idea forward. The community votes on the ideas that will be presented at the event. The selected creators explain a $5,000 step that will move the idea forward, and will meet people who can help. Judges are members of emerge 5×5 Night and a representation of the region’s small business, enterprise, non-profit, civic leadership and creatives. We have been asked to submit an idea for connecting Michigan’s cities and need your vote to push us through the pitch event happening Wednesday, January 13, 5:30 PM at the Creative Many Michigan House in Detroit.




The Idea

PLAYGROUND DETROIT is a multi-faceted platform for emerging creators with an online magazine and curated marketplace additionally providing event production and digital media services. The Playground is a premier full-service office and membership work studio that offers a modern, inspiring environment that promotes creative collaboration. Our current digital platform provides a global audience with access to upcoming artists’ personal stories and exclusive artwork, while our physical space will develop local relationships nurtures talent to retain and attract. PLAYGROUND DETROIT is in the process of developing a membership-based program that offers artists a hub to create, work and exhibit, in addition to evolving creative services.

We offer specialized strategies for our clients and art enthusiasts that create opportunities to experience the arts through unique partnerships, impressions, exposure and collaboration.


This unique creative hub alongside our arts and cultural programming and special projects makes our community more welcoming and a more vibrant place for Michiganders and provides young creators opportunities for success. According to the Detroit Future City plan, “Detroit should develop new models of shared space for entrepreneurs and small businesses in clusters with high levels of entrepreneurship and for which there are currently few models that include local business services.”

What PLAYGROUND Will Do With $5,000

Funds are needed to develop the resources of our space with basic office furnishings, tools, and supplies for creators and artist usage including design library of books, computers & programs, (ie Microsoft Office, Adobe and File Maker Pro), printers, photo stations linked to computers for easy uploading and editing in archives, gallery/shipping materials, marketing, e-commerce platform website development, & PLAYGROUND DETROIT limited edition and exclusive product development and inventory.

Make sure you attend the event on January 13th!

Michigan House

601 W Fort St, Detroit, Michigan 48226