“One last memory” by Geoff Stanley: “I took a composite of images, starting shortly after demolition, and then I came back several months later to shoot the empty field. Although this image seems sad, I want it to serve as a warm reminder, that even though our ballpark might be gone, we must never forget how much joy it brought all of us for so many years.”

The Detroit Free Press wants to hear from you;  share your unique vision of the future of Detroit. The newspaper wants to “complete” the portrait of the city, but we should aim to give them something fresh to balance the endless ruins photos. Click here for more information on submitting your artwork.

After reading John Patrick Leary’s ‘Detroitism,’ you’ll probably agree that the world still could use a new view of Detroit. There is something that still captures people’s emotions and imagination when confronted with these kinds of images. We need to move forward from overexposed images of the decaying city, but a new exhibit, The Ruins of Detroit has been put up recently at the Wilmotte Gallery.  If you are travelling abroead, you can check out these hauntingly beautiful photos by notorious ‘ruin pornographers’, Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre now on display in London for yourself.