While you may not be familiar with Jo Rad Silver‘s solo material, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced his work in one way or another. As a productive contributor with Assemble Sound, member of the experimental music group YAK, and supporter of Detroit Sound Conservancy, he is a steady presence in Detroit’s music scene.

Following the recent successful Detroit Sound Conservancy conference and a rigorous election cycle, Silver capped a whirlwind week with another solid iteration of his Technically, Yeah series at Donovan’s on Thursday night, which also functioned as the listening party for his long awaited debut, Superhero Elevator Techno, (S.E.T.).

Inspired by his younger brother’s reaction after first hearing his music, the name Superhero Elevator Techno conjures a variety of connotations. What do you get when you combine a disciplined genre with a familiar ambience and an audacious flare? The project description offers a few more clues, while still remaining tastefully obscure:

Intention meets machine in this investigation of musical dialect. A genuine exploration, birthed from curiosity, refined by progression, and presented as a testament to the journey itself. Superhero Elevator Techno is a psychedelic aural excursion of subtle proportions, and an introduction to Jo Rad Silver.”

Jo Rad Silver (has) a sound that draws from a span of influences: krautrock laced within techno, new wave pumped full of acid, industrial fused with indie pop. The result is both accessible and intelligent, a blend of engaging aesthetics and technical capability.

Armed with his studio of instruments, his creative process mirrors his approach to performance: meticulous attention to detail and commitment to technique blends with fortuitous versatility to create an experience, both in recorded artifact and live presentation, that invites a range of tastes and engages careful listeners.

With a studied visual aesthetic and a tantalizing promise for new work to come, S.E.T. is a worthwhile listen from this steadfast supporter of, and contributor to Detroit’s electronic music scene.

Listen on: Apple Music / Soundcloud / Spotify

Photos by GOOD-PALS, album art by JRS.