As a Detroit-based visual artist, photographer and videographer, Katai’s work takes him on travels across the world in search of universal truth; capturing the trippy, the mystical, and the magical, utilizing his camera and intuition to freeze transcendent moments. He focuses on aspects of nature to create enhanced visual experiences around “concepts of meditation & zen using stills & motion pictures that often remove the concept of time,” according to the artist.

He is a young ‘star’ [at 23 years old] in the sense that he sees himself part of the universe; a creative energy operating within the natural world that he is deeply connected. Recurring themes of nature, powerful landscapes, psychedelic trees, and eerie steaming manholes create a visual language entirely his own. As a solo creative producer Katai works, lives and travels by himself; yet he has been sought out to collaborate with a roster of incredible talent in their own right, executing otherworldy visuals on their behalf.  Katai has produced work for various artists including Kali Uchis, Robb Banks, Nana Ghana, Shorty K, Nil Bambu, Sarah Alsalman and Relly Nation.

On Friday March 25th, 2016 PLAYGROUND DETROIT presented Moksha, a short film and solo exhibition of his work- the first time he will be showing publicly in his hometown of Detroit.


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