Dessislava Terzieva is a Detroit-based multi-media artist. She has transformed The Playground into “A gift shop of an ancient cathedral that was owned by a revolutionary hoarder,” additionally inspired by “drug busts (the layout of confiscated items), alternative/family owned dollar stores ([dis]organized chaos) and the motor oil bottle aisles at Meijers at 4am (repetition, excess)” for her first solo exhibition. Runners on the back wall of the gallery space forms an altar, suggesting that the viewers consider their own views of spiritualism, as well as the ritualistic performance inherit in the creation of the altar itself.


Self-taught, she began her foray into the art world four years ago by exploring the technique of collage. Now more tongue-in-cheek than political, her work adorns wood panels with iconic religious and art icons. Replacing original relics with everyday household items accented by gold leafing, they are given a newfound importance and light, as if they were traditional Byzantine works. Shown within installations and often accompanied by performance, Terzieva creates a 360 degree-experience. Read our exclusive interview with Dessislava HERE.


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