Rachel Roze Artist

Rachel Roze grew up in an non-traditional family in a traditional suburb outside of New York City; a place where artists were not appreciated and the norm was. Craving change, she packed her bags at nineteen and moved to California; she wanted to live “over the rainbow,” something about California called to her. Upon her arrival in California, she quickly realized she had rented a room in a trailer park, not in an apartment, and better yet, it was in a strange area known as Ojai.


Her experience living in that trailer park for almost a year, before then moving to LA, flipped her world around. “I needed to capture everything, the vividness, the chaos, I needed to capture my surroundings,” she recalls. This is where she started focusing on photography. For Roze, it was my way of holding on to the newness of this strange place- a visual journal. She spent the following years in Los Angeles developing her newfound hobby into a profession, working with a handful of well-known photographers and artists who helped to guide her. She graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication. Her work “is a look into my life, capturing moments, people, and myself on a daily basis; I capture my surroundings.” She is currently based in Detroit, Michigan, residing in Hamtramck.

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