Patrick Ethen is a Detroit-based artist and designer. His work has been previously seen as large installation sculptures at various events including Detroit’s internationally-renowned Movement Electronic Music Festival. Ethen’s work takes viewers directly to the source of vision: light. As his intuition led from architecture to his current artistic practice, complex patterns of luminous bulbs which comprise each of his hand-wired pieces seem to have intuitive motion that engages the viewer immediately. Embodying the rhythms of Detroit and Chicago’s own electronic house music, Ethen pairs sound and visual senses as light stimulates receptors of the eye. Hypnotizing patterns travel along the plotted lines, as represented in his pencil-drawn Gravity Mandalas.


The body of work presented in Light Works, which includes proximity sensor activated Mira, Mira (one of many collaborations with Ellen Rutt), is literally and figuratively electric, enlightening the audience with the possibility to create synergy between hard-wired architectural design, the artistic eye, and the influence of sound. Ethen will also be presenting work in the niche windows at David Klein Gallery Detroit, curated by PLAYGROUND, which opens to the public along with Kari Cholnoky’s solo show on February 6th. These light works will be visible to passers-by 24 hours, seven days a week.


Read our exclusive interview with Patrick HERE.

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