Nic Notion is a Detroit-based visual artist. Using putty knives and industrial paint, he develops dynamic layers of aggressive lines on canvas. Much of his work depicts abstract houses and structures decaying and burning; an urban landscape being over taken by nature, and anonymous figures partaking in mischievous behavior. He captures a unique energy that cannot solely be harnessed by typical gallery walls and must exist with the landscape of his city. He is inspired by the works of Basquiat and Cézanne. Like these idols, the combination of Nic Notion’s subject matter and technique creates a complex visual experience. Nic experiments with elements of street art, using non traditional methods to reflect his environment.

He creates art in a political climate of racial division and gentrification. The structures in his paintings become metaphors for dreams deferred within the community. Notion’s paintings mirror his surroundings: within every pile of rubble is a story of what once was.

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