Jaclyn Schanes was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1984. She is a graduate of the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. The multimedia artist concentrates her expression through acrylic painting inspired by the Motor City, to which her connection and heritage is deeply rooted in- the city’s history continues to inspire her work and credits her toughness the city as well. Visually she is known for her vibrant, colorful paintings depicting vintage cars and portraits of well-known, historic athletes, which are stylistically transposed against stark white negative space to draw the viewer’s eye to vivid palettes.

Various themes in her artwork include the concept of prejudice and judgment. In 2010, her controversial solo exhibition-happening “Show Pony” explored concepts of femininity, identity and merit. Schanes invited attendees to purchase her watercolor self-portraits- hung on her own body- forcing viewers to consider and contemplate their own moral and ethical decisions. As a female and a visual/performance artist, she utilizes her artwork as a means to convey feelings and emotionally charged reactions that reside in being both an artist and subjective to exploitation as a woman in society.

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