Summer may officially be drawing to a close, but Detroit alternative R&B artist King Visionary wants to take us on a “Vacation,” with his newest song produced by OVO Sound affiliate Eric Dingus. Released exclusively through online R&B lifestyle mag, Singersroom, [NYC] King Visionary delivers much needed lyrics amidst a surreal beat.

King Visionary describes his music as:

An R&B/funk/soul/Dreamy/Lo- Fi and futuristic take on my two favorite genres. I have a lot of electronic music (house and techno) influences but in the end I believe genre is dead.

Visionary’s notion of the “death of genre” is illustrated through his varying body of music which touches on a variety of styles and sounds.

King Visionary’s music spans a variety of production and lyrical styles, but his latest track “Vacation” describes a specific state of mind. A dreamy mix between an R&B ballad and hip hop song, “Vacation” is essentially a breakup track that kisses negative energy, anxiety, self-doubt and wickedness goodbye. In regards to the specific subject of the song, Visionary explains:

I didn’t write it with something specific in mind- it was more to capture a feeling. Like, finally getting a break from the everyday grind… from the constant hustle and drain of the world that put can put us under a lot of pressure. Need a vacation from this President, white supremacy, financial responsibility and draining emotional situations.

My personal life feels like my wheels are constantly spinning, and I need music and self-expression to center myself. The last few years have consisted of me working my ass off at a day job while figuring out the industry- and if I want to live off music. I have to divorce myself from the expectations and results, and just create and have faith.

The musings behind this song could inspire us all to take a much needed step back to re-frame the positive and negative forces in our own lives, something King Visionary hopes this song inspires others to do. To accompany the thought provoking lyrics, OVO affiliate and producer Eric Dingus provided the track. Known for his remixes and experimental electronic music, Dingas, a Texas native, brought a sonic vacation to Visionary’s lyricism:

I actually got a chance to build a relationship with his management. One of his managers helped me get booked at SXSW over the past two years. Through keeping up that relationship, I asked if he could get Eric to send me over some production and luckily this record worked out.

Lucky for us the sonic pairing did work out- “Vacation” is the -pause- that we all too often forget to take for ourselves. The song affords us a chance to reflect on finding happiness and truth in our lives, if only for a few minutes. Take a moment for yourself and vibe out to King Visionary’s newest hit, you deserve it!


Featured image credit, Nailah Howze