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Movement for Artists was developed as a passion project. Instructor and creator Samantha Jameson has completed several yoga programs over the past nine years including Yoga Therapy and Buti Yoga. She is a Reiki Master, Birth + Postpartum Doula, and currently a student of Ayurvedic Medicine.

“Through my teaching experiences in different studios, in different states and countries, I’ve observed people in their own awkwardness- being ultra self-conscious about doing wacky stuff on their mats. I was that person once, until I realized the enormous magnitude of the ‘release’ that occurred for me once I truly let go.”

“[When] I returned to my original home in Detroit from Los Angeles in 2016, I missed the crazy Bhakti Yoga classes, Kundalini, or whatever interesting workshops I had the option of attending and noticed the absence of availability for classes like these in our community. People in Detroit are missing the opportunity to enjoy these kinds of experiences, so I decided to bring that energy here! I wanted to translate my experience, designing something more personal to share with others.”

How do you see art as a tool to heal?

I see art as an expression of our higher Self. It’s through surrendering to that Self taking over our hands/ bodies/ voices/ that we allow it to move us, and it becomes an expression of our higher Self. It’s within this realm of connecting to our higher Self (Divine), that healing begins. It’s just like that saying: the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself.

Why do you see a need for this specific new set of techniques to unleash ones creativity?

There are limitless ways to unleash and express creativity. For myself- somebody who doesn’t have experience drawing or painting, playing an instrument or singing- it was my challenge finding a medium of creating art that fit with my natural energy. Watching somebody paint, it seems effortless and organic for them in my perspective. When I started using physical movement as my medium, something came over me, and it became this moving meditation… and I realized how seriously fun it is, too.

How does the Movement for Artists class differ or similar to other yoga classes?

It’s similar to other yoga classes in many ways, I incorporate a lot of the same fundamentals of breath and posture techniques, but I also introduce other disciplines and movements. Students receive a little dance, a dash of Vinyasa Yoga with spikes of Kundalini, some meditation, visualizations and imagery practices.

In summary, it’s just a big mishmash of fun to experience. This exertion of energy or coordination isn’t about perfection. It’s about surrendering and allowing the body to move: the dancer becomes the dance.

Photo credit, Samantha Bankle Schefman

How did you find your own practice and how has yoga enhanced your daily life?

I took my first yoga class when I was 15, my dance teacher told me to try yoga for conditioning purposes. I attended a drop-in class with a girlfriend and was immediately hooked. Throughout years of practice, I’ve tried several different varieties of yoga. It’s been a part of my routine for over half my life now.

Yoga and meditation has enhanced my daily life by allowing me to observe the physical reactions within myself as they’re happening. When I’m having a thought I can be a witness to my physical and psychological patterns and cues. It’s these observations that allow us to change our habits.

What healing properties come from one maintaining a consistent yoga practice?

Wow- so many. It’s difficult to decide which benefits to list. Most recently, consistent practice has been one of the driving forces that has assisted me in securing a stronger sense of feminine energy, personal intuition, and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Join us to unleash creativity through healing experiences and an innovative approach to unlocking your own creative powers within.

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Art of Healing: Movement with Samantha Jameson

Saturday, February 3rd 2018


2845 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48207

This is a class for everybody the only requirement is a fearlessness to evoke your artist within.
*Please bring your own mat and arrive at least 10 minutes early. Entry will be available at the door for $20 












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