Both Detroit-based Steven Kuypers, sculpture artist [College for Creative Studies, BFA 2009] and Steven McShane, metal artist [College for Creative Studies, BFA 2010] pursued their passions of art and craft, leading to a business partnership made only in Detroit. After meeting at CCS, the two forged a collaborative effort to support their respective crafts and work while providing the tools for other artists as well. Together, they work to create large-scale works that defy the arts, that include a giant sauna and other amenities that are part of their artist space.

The Fortress is a complex of workshops and residency studio spaces in North End, Detroit, which has been operated by both artists for almost a decade. The Art Gallery at Oakland University exhibition will be exploring their unique collaborative partnership.  Their work encompasses the use traditional and experimental materials and techniques and the aesthetics of social and relational sculptural practices. The Fortress is a nexus for contemporary art in Detroit and the values of labor, craftsmanship, community involvement and the production it supports.

The Fortress: Steven Kuypers & Steven McShane

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7th,  6-8PM

March 7 – April 5, 2015

Oakland University Art Gallery