In the spirit of the holiday season PLAYGROUND DETROIT is asking the greater Detroit community to please donate art supplies that will go to 200 students. We are donating these supplies to Experiencia Preparatory Academy located in Detroit. Our friend- a young teacher, Ryanne Lumetta is the only art teacher there where she teaches 4th-9th graders with a very low supply budget and she desperately needs new supplies to teach art to her  students.

“Anything that could be donated would be very helpful. I have the bare minimum to work with and supplies are running out quickly. The school has recently put in a lot of work to improve many aspects of the facility, but we still need assistance. I have already brought in everything I have from my own home and don’t have personal funds to provide supplies for 7 classes of approx. 200 students.

I want these students to get an opportunity to work with as many materials as possible because a lot of them have no art experience. I teach grades 4-9th grade and am trying to get something going for the K-3 students, but they also have very limited supplies. Thank you sincerely for considering Experiencia Preparatory Academy for this opportunity!”


Pewabic Pottery in Detroit has partnered with us to keep our donation box at their Detroit location until December 28th. Drop-offs will be accepted Saturday, December 20th-28th, 2013.

Pewabic Pottery

10125 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48214 (313) 822-0954

Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm
Sunday, 12pm – 6pm

List of Art Supplies Needed:

  • ANY KIND OF PAPER-Construction paper, drawing paper…I am very close to running out of paper, I need this the most so we have a surface to make our work on


  • GLUE: Elmers glue, hot glue sticks for cardboard sculptures

  • ANY SORT OF TOOLS- I have one hand-saw, no hammer/nails etc.

  • Paint- Acrylic, watercolor, palate knives and thickening medium for acrylic to do knife paintings

  • Pens and pencils and erasers and markers

  • Fine tip pens and markers for drawing

  • Fabric, thread, needles for soft sculpture, book binding

  • Any old interesting scrap materials such as buttons, Styrofoam, cds to make mosaics etc.

  • Rulers that are not plastic or easily breakable

  • Meter sticks

  • Other measuring devices for drawing in perspective

  • Colored pencils, we will run out very soon

  • Any sort of printmaking materials

  • Nice scissors, the little kid scissors don’t work well

  • Wire

  • Masking tape

  • Papier mache mix

Free Materials:

  • Take out Styrofoam items

  • Lots of Cardboard for sculpture because we have no sculptural material/clay or kiln

  • Toilet paper rolls for papier mache projects




Happy Holidays!