Flint Eastwood is a force to be reckoned with- the evolution of the creative side of Detroit-based multi-talented artist Jax Anderson is not to be underestimated. After self-releasing multiple albums over the past five years, Flint Eastwood will be releasing her latest album with Neon Gold Records and join the ranks of other artists she admires on the label including Ellie Golding, Tove Lo, St. Lucia and more. Anderson is more than qualified to sit amongst these young stars as she is truly a multi-faceted artist, musician, songwriter, singer, who is also entirely in charge and hands-on with all of her creative direction, branding, merchandise development and music video production.

Her latest album, Broke Royalty, debuted at Assemble Sound in Detroit on Wednesday evening with an intimate listening party before the EP is publicly released in the lobby of the gorgeous, historic Fisher Building this Friday, April 14th. It was only right- as the follow-up to the last album she wrote and relased after the passing of her mother, Small Victories. Debuted in a similar private event in the Corktown-based church- converted into a recording studio-  that almost literally brought the house down. Garret Koehler explained, “One of the tracks that Seth [Anderson, lead singer-songwriter, Jax’ brother] wrote was so hype that we had attendees jumping up and down and the floor started to bounce- so this time around, we decided to do the listening party in the main level, with guests sitting in the pews to avoid that situation again.”

Photography credit, Christian Lathers.

Jax took the audience through an intimate behind the scenes look at the process of making her new album, working with Neon Gold, and premiered a handful of new visuals and music videos that she led creative direction for with a team of creative collaborations.

A few conversation highlights…

On being labeled a Rock band or a Pop band:

Anderson: “I want to set the record straight, we never intended to be a rock band– I always liked pop music that’s where my heart lied; I just care about writing music.”

Broke Royalty Album Artwork. Photography credit, Breann Whlgn.


On the response to her Small Victories album:

“It came from a genuine place- the common thread [for Flint Eastwood] is song writing and being honest and authentic.”

On finding her Voice:

“After Small Victories, it was the first time I really liked listening to my own music, I committed fully after that release.”

On the Song-writing process after Small Victories:

Small Victories was such a heavy thing to write for me, I had to take some time. We played a lot of shows.

It’s always been little gradual steps, like a little tiny ladder.”

It is clear that this ‘ladder’ Jax referenced in conveying her musical journey so far is anything but ‘little’- after signing to Neon Gold Records and her upcoming National Spring tour scheduled, we anticipate that this ladder is only going straight to the top.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the Broke Royalty Album Release show Friday April 14th at @PLAYDETROIT on Twitter and Instagram!


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Flint Eastwood
Tunde Olaniran
(ft. Bevlove, Britney Stoney, Sam Austins, Lex Lander, Jaye Prime, Kaleb the Intern)
& Michigander

Flint Eastwood performs in the lobby of the Fisher Building on Friday, April 14; Doors at 7 p.m.; 3011 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit; $15.