Haute to Death commemorates their 10th year with DECA\DANCE, a retrospective exhibition which explores the art and artifacts of H2D’s dance floor; telling the story of Detroit’s most stylish and expressive dance party, and setting the stage for what’s yet to come.

Co-created by artists and DJs Ash Nowak and Jon Dones, Haute to Death collapses the space between sound and vision, for a post-studio experience that explores new frontiers in nightlife culture. For the past decade, H2D has served as social center of gravity for the city’s creators, instigators, and other thrill-seeking bon vivants who understand how absolutely powerful and cathartic a great night out can be. For many, the monthly staple is more than a party, it has become a coveted refuge to feel wild and free, to feel release, to feel accepted and loved. It has become a ritualistic alleviation of the quotidian perils of creative life, if only for a few hours. Provocation for guests to be their truest selves.

When we look back to the most illustrious times and places where creativity thrived – we often point to the people and ideas that emerged from the art, the music and places that people hung out which helped codify those movements. For Detroit, the dance floor at Haute to Death has been one of those rare places places that has brought great minds from all different backgrounds together under a shared spirit created in the cover of the night.

For many, when the chaos of life has weighed them down, Haute to Death has been their space to help take them back home. A space that, by its very name, demands they bring their best self through the door and be ready to be re-energized by the music and social energy. While the idea of decadence and personal style is often relegated to vanity and frivolousness, through the lens of Haute to Death, these are methods of self-discovery, preservation and actualization; a ritual to enhance ones connection to themselves, their creative quality of life, and by extension help amplify their potential in the world.

More than self-reflection, DECA\DANCE holds a mirror to the sea of local creatives, each responsible for their own individual bit of chaos in the city.

For this exhibition, Red Bull House of Art presents an in-depth look at the photographs, infamous record cover posters, art works and sound of Haute to Death.

DECA/DANCE Opening Reception

Friday, February 2nd


Redbull House of Art 

1551 Winder St, Detroit, Michigan 48207

Facebook Event

What would an exhibition be without the after-party? Join them after the opening reception for the official after party at Outer Limits Lounge. More details here.