Art Babes is a femme intersectional art collective based in Detroit, MI dedicated to creating supportive spaces for femme creatives to make work, share resources and promote themselves.

On Sunday, March 4th at 5p, following the Ladies Brunch at The Schvitz, Art Babes presents PROBLEMATIC, their third group exhibition, curated by Cyrah. Among the participating visual artists are painters, fiber artist, sculptors, and photographers.

PROBLEMATIC features the works of 11 visual artists:

Bree Gant, Cyrah, Callie Hoskins, Navjeet Kaur Kalsi, Franchesca Lamarre, Deja, Jannah Intifada, Logan Walthall, Olivia Guterson, Zena Addae, and Gisela Mcdaniels.

Leila Abdelrazaq, Detroit based Palestinian author and artist will be vending her graphic novels, as well as the work of Artists within her artist collective Bigmouth Press and Comix. Bigmouth is a blog and distro project uplifting the work of women and gender nonconforming illustrators and comic creators from AMEMSA (African, Middle East, Muslim, South Asian) countries and their diasporas.

Heather Mourer is a Detroit-based community herbalist and teacher. Founder of Hedgewitch holistics, Heather will be selling her handmade elixers and tonics meant to cure everything from the common cold to insomnia.

Art Babes will be selling their screen printed merchandise and prints through the evening.

The evening will conclude with a performance by Detroit’s Pop/soul queen Supercoolwicked and a DJ set by the incredible Stayce J.

Featured image by Bree Gant, flyer design by Cyrah.





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