PLAYGROUND DETROIT is a creative agency and gallery based in Detroit, Michigan.


mission is to support and
develop opportunities both
for creative professionals,
artists and residents in order to
enhance and sustain Detroit’s
creative economy.

Our efforts are focused
on artwork sales and
commissions, artist
development, advocacy,
awareness, professional development.

We are creators, risk takers, and accelerators. We
consider artists as professionals and gauge our
success by the successes of those we work with to
develop strong careers.

We believe in the importance of the arts and the
sacred role it plays in the future of Detroit. We work
to help creatives with their unique vision and assist
in executing their pursuits and dreams.

Our work educates and exposes key partners
such as media, organizations, policy makers and
citizens about the importance of arts, culture,
and arts education as well as enhances regional
creative industries through entrepreneurship, artist
development and outreach in order to support the
region’s creative sector.

As a result, PLAYGROUND DETROIT and our
partners further drive local creative economies and
connect residents, artists, collectors, businesses,
neighborhoods and local communities through arts
and culture.