DISCLAIMER– This cooking show is NOT for your average Martha Stewart fan. Birthed in 2007, by Detroit bassist Derek Swanson from Heads Will Roll and drummer Dave Graw, Solid Dudes Kitchen‘s wild antics have acquired a following all their own. Equipped with their witty conversational chemistry, love of food, and their own raunchy style, the duo started a collaboration for a short cooking mini-series filmed out of Derek’s apartment. Neither gentlemen have an official culinary background- but with over 38,000 YouTube views and thousands of dedicated fans- this duo’s internet credibility isn’t lacking. Each web episode they serve up an interesting recipe for dishes like pot brownies, macaroni and cheese, and now…Sausage Party.

You are cordially invited to their premiere party of their latest episode, Sausage Party at Brooklyn Fireproof. There will be DJ sets by Dial.81, Composer of DETROPIA, Sundance Film Festival winner and Oscar-short listed documentary.

Free admission with RSVP. This event is sponsored by our friends at Blue Point Brewing Company, McClure’s Pickles, and Porktown Sausage- YES, there will be sausages, McClure’s, and booze- we got you covered.

Watch the the Sausage Party trailer!


PLAYGROUND DETROIT sat down with Dave Graw and Derek Swanson, better-known together as Gentlemen Collective.

How did your company Gentleman come about?

Dave: Pretty naturally, actually. We are friends who have complimentary skill sets. It just seemed natural to work together.  We needed a company name for licensing & legal reasons, for our super-lucrative internet cooking show.

Derek: Gentlemen started as our production company for Solid Dudes, but it has evolved into a self-sufficient, vertically-integrated media behemoth- like Disney…but with a reasonable drug policy.
What’s your favorite attribute of one another?

Dave: His eyes… Seriously? Probably his sense of humor…and also, his eyes.

Derek:  Dave’s motivation is unparalleled. It’s infuriating. Also, he walks really fast.

…I’m really tall and I always have to slow down around normal-sized people, but not with Dave.”

If you both could go anywhere and film any episode what would you do?

Dave: After recently visiting Korea and falling in love with the food, I’d have to say Korea.

Derek:  I think we’re excited to take the show anywhere and just get weird. Domestically, I’d like to do a show in New Orleans. Overseas, I’d really like to get to India.
Did you grow up in Metro Detroit? Have either of you spent time living anywhere else?

Dave: I grew up living on every coast & border of the US. My father worked for Ford Motor Co. and they had a tendency to relocate their employees on the reg, but ended up permanently in Detroit.

Derek:  I was born and raised in Detroit. I went to college in Chicago, but I moved back here right after. I love this town. It’s unlike anyplace I’ve ever been.

Why do you continue to live in Detroit?  

Dave:  I love it here. The people are real, it’s a no bullshit kinda place. If you wanna make something happen, this is the town to do it in. But don’t expect any hand outs; Detroit is like the opposite of Kickstarter.

Derek:  I stay here because I’ve built my life here. My family, my career, my house, my friends – they’re all here. I’m gonna be buried here. With an erection.

Are you excited to take Solid Dudes to Brooklyn?

Dave:  Sure, Brooklyn is like 90% MI people anyway, so it seems super natural.


I love Brooklyn. It seems to have a simpatico energy, and I’m fucking stoked about having a chance to show off what we’re doing there.”

In the episode, Sausage Party, you make sausage with Brian Merkel & John Schoeniger of Porktown Sausage– how did you guys meet them?

Dave:  The first time I met Brian was at a foodie event thing that the MOCAD threw called “Home Slice”. We ran into each other again shortly after,  I was working on a stop-motion project, and Brian was the producer. Good times.

Derek:  I was getting last call at Slow’s when a super-drunk Brian approached me and offered me his closet sausage. And I ate that sausage.

Do you have any new projects in the works?
Dave:  Always.
Derek:  We have tons of projects coming up, but the one I’m most excited about is our new line of artisanal fireworks.
Anything else you’d like to share?
Dave:  I like ducks.

Derek: Ducks are racist. I hope they get feline AIDS.