At noon on June 21st 2012, skateboarders from around the world will meet at Hart Plaza to skate ‘wild in the streets.’  Below is taken from the official website, as a manifesto regarding the groups beliefs. There have been hundreds of other events around the world organized by skateboarders.

Manifesto  -VIA Wild in the Streets:

Wild in the Streets gathers skateboarders of every age, color and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in the celebration of pure skateboarding.

We declare that skateboarding is no longer a spectator sport. We believe in demolishing the invisible barriers that separate pro skaters from the rest of us. Wild in the Streets is comprised of all equal participants.

We also contend that conventional organized skateboarding competitions and events are, in effect, a misrepresentation of skateboarding, safely and conveniently re-packaged for mainstream corporate consumption. Wild in the Streets is about challenging conformity.

And we acknowledge that the very society that has marginalized us as skateboarders is now formally engaged in the penetration and misappropriation of our original and distinct skate culture. They, in turn, feed it back to us as more mind-polluting product propaganda. Wild in the Streets is about reclaiming ownership.

Wild in the Streets asserts that the pure essence of skateboarding is in the ability of skateboarders to successfully reinterpret their existing environments to create fun. We are about taking skateboarding back to where it was born – in the streets.

Together, we can defy convention and reject skateboarding’s image factories and the trends marketers use to divide and categorize us based off the length of our hair, or the cut of our pants. Wild in the Streets is about transcending these petty, trend-based diversions.

Together, we can be our own representatives to the world and bring awareness to our own collective needs. The spectacle of hundreds of skateboarders converging on city streets around the globe has an impact that cannot be denied. Wild in the Streets is about doing it ourselves.

But Wild in the Streets does not seek to gather to solve the world’s problems. We know we couldn’t, even if we tried. The primary purpose of Wild in the Streets is pure and simple: fun. This is, and always will be, first and foremost, for this is skateboarding.”


Wild In The Streets Detroit 2012 from 74Films on Vimeo.

Emerica brought Wild In The Streets to Detroit this year. All the proceeds benefitted the Ride It Sculpture Park & Ryan Gaynier’s family.

Shot by: Chris Rosik, Rob Woelkers & Eric Carlsen
Timelapse by: Matt Barth
Edit by: Eric Carlsen
Color by: Eric Carlsen
GFX by: Chris Rosik & Eric Carlsen
Mixed by: Andrew Smetek