CAMP Detroit  has announced the six chosen artists/teams to participate in this year’s 2012 group display at Detroit’s world famous Movement Electronic Music Festival (aka DEMF). This is the second year the CAMP program is bringing public art to Movement. This art will be placed and used within different communities where people gather and celebrate the future of the city. According to their website,

We believe that real progress in the city of Detroit will start when we can unlock the imaginations of our communities. CAMP is a program that will give Detroit artists, makers, and thinkers the opportunity to create beautiful and inspired projects the can be displayed at Movement Electronic Music Festival before they are relocated into our neighborhoods. We are challenging creators to make pieces that will reflect the heart and future of Detroit while taking advantage of the resources available that are unique to this city.” -VIA CAMP Detroit 

Check out the below descriptions for two of the six accepted project submissions to be executed this year:

Particle Cloud:  

Particle Cloud is a human-scale architectural installation and urban experience constructed from recycled materials. Built from a simple aggregation of cheap, durable plastic containers fastened together with bolts and zip ties, the installation will be a flowing canopy structure. The Particle Cloud will act as a shelter from the sun during the day…When the sun sets, the Particle Cloud will transform into a new canvas for light, becoming a dynamic, glowing sculpture as different lights are projected on it.

Visitors will sit under the canopy and experience the light filtering through it. The structure will become a fixture in the impromptu community that springs up during DEMF, a glowing meeting place that stands out from all the bedlam that accompanies the festival.”

 City Hammock

[City Hammock is] a new offering in public seating. A large disc composed of woven reclaimed tire rubber comprises the seating platform. The disc will be suspended by chains from a curvilinear tripod frame allowing for some movement.

Our intention is to provide a harmonizing element beneficial to any neighborhood. A respite from long days, an escape from the mundane. We would love for the pieces to be relocated into underserved or fledgling districts as designated by area stakeholders. For example, the Brightmoor Farmway or the Georgia Street Community Collective are places where the community is coming together to heal and grow on their own. They hold the promise of a nurturing community saving itself.- VIA CAMP website

Projects from last year’s CAMP project:

The Janus Tunnel

In ancient Rome, Janus was known and revered as the god of beginnings and transitions.  Portrayed with two heads facing in opposite directions, he looked into the past and future simultaneously.  Using this idea as our foundation, we are building a gateway/tunnel structure on the festival grounds for visitors to experience a similar sort of transition – reflecting on the past of Detroit and then emerging into the celebration of the here and now.” -VIA CAMP Artist Page

Another profile  on one of last year’s featured artists, Jessica Decker