PLAYGROUND DETROIT is thrilled to be presenting: A Documentary Double Feature “Lemonade: Detroit” & “After the Factory”  on May 10th.  Pre-sale tickets are available for a discounted price and tickets are for purchase at the door, these include a complimentary drink with your ticket!

Both directors, Erik Proulx & Philip Lauri will be present at the screening which is part of the screening tour on the east coast. This is the the premiere of these films in New York City! Don’t miss it!

With dire economic circumstances becoming the norm throughout the U.S. and Europe, the city of Detroit is beginning to show the world how to emerge. With its unique style of urban innovation, will Detroit write the new rulebook for next-generation cities that face the same challenges? These two movies will take on that question.

“Lemonade: Detroit,” directed by Austin resident Erik Proulx, captures the courageous actions of everyday people who are playing a significant role in moving Detroit forward. From small business owners to ministers, “Lemonade: Detroit” unveils the simple innards of hope through the profiled subjects’ relentless conviction to remain committed to change.

Lemonade: Detroit’ is a gob smacking 17-minute short.”
                                                                                         -Roger Ebert

“After the Factory,” directed by Philip Lauri, further expands on that question by examining urban revival solutions through Detroit and its similar European counterpart in Lodz, Poland. Detroit ran out of steam with the fall of domestic automobile production, while Lodz’ economy is hanging by a thread with the fallout of its textile industry. This trans-continental approach puts global context around the issues these cities face and begins to envision blueprints for the growth of smart cities in the future.

Eventbrite - PLAYGROUND DETROIT PRESENTS: "Lemonade: Detroit" & "After the Factory"


Screening is located at:

Brooklyn Fireproof
119 Ingraham Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 8:30 PM