Photo Credit: Doug Coombe via Metro Times Blowout

The Detroit electro-duo Phantasmagoria, separately known as Chris Jarvis and Lianna Vanicelli, have just released their third official music video for “Currents,” the title track from their debut LP (not released yet).  The video is directed by Lauren Proffitt and choreographed by Tara Zapinski. The video features water, movement, and choreographed dancers to convey the bands’ dreamy, yet precise vision for their music, showing the band in a truly representative light.

They are a mix of the digital and organic world – encircled in sampled noises, buzzing synths and bass lines, and bullish percussion all set as the groundwork for their angelic vocals. Making music deep and soulful beyond their young ages, Phantasmagoria is the start of something fresh in Detroit.”  -VIA The Loop Detroit

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“Currents” LP doesn’t have an official release date yet, (set to release this summer) but you can visit their BANDCAMP to purchase the track and check out other releases. After you check out their latest drop, watch the rest of their videos below!