Recipient wearing the coat-sleeping bag invented by Veronika Scott.


PLAYGROUND DETROIT has been infatuated with College of Creative Studies student, Veronika Scott since first hearing of her life-changing convertible coat-sleeping bag as a creative solution to help the homeless population in Detroit, Michigan over a year ago. [Follow the link below to read a new interview with her by David Merritt of Goodness Determined.] Not only are her sleeping bag coats innovative, they serve a greater good by encouraging people to contribute back to the community with their industrial sewing skills. The Empowerment Plan’s efforts to bring skilled sewing industry is exciting aspect of the program. As Detroit struggles to produce jobs for it’s current population, several city-wide independent efforts are sprouting from citizens willing to “stand up” for the city and make things right. By bringing a competitive industrial sewing and garment industry through self-empowered women workers, The Empowerment Plan is a fashionable step in the right direction.

Read the article now, Detroit: Stand Up- Veronika Scott





Veronika Scott