Residing in Brooklyn, New York Paulina is continues to be a passionate and creative Detroit native, channeling these attributes as Executive Director of PLAYGROUND DETROIT. Through spending time between both cities, she sees various ‘connections’ between NYC and Detroit; both cities share a rich history which have influenced America as we know it,  both are breeding grounds to some of the most innovative artists, musicians, and filmmakers, and both have endured dramatic changes  over the decades, all inspiring the spirit of the people who call these cities home.

Her impetus for PLAYGROUND DETROIT is to utilize various connections in both Detroit & NYC to inform the world’s influencers and tastemakers by sharing creative news, creating opportunities for Detroit’s talent, and connecting people to like-minded people to make new artistic and professional relationships.

Paulina Petkoski holds an Associate and Bachelor of Fine Arts in International Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has studied abroad at the Polimoda International Institute of Design in Florence, Italy.  Currently she is a designer in addition to being a fashion consultant and stylist.